Classics Revisited. Kenneth Rexroth.

Classics Revisited

New York, NY: New Directions Publishing, 1968. First Trade Softcover Edition. Softcover. Kenneth Rexroth, sometimes referred to as the "father" of the San Francisco Renaissance, has never been one to hold his tongue. "The brief, radiant essays of 'Classics Revisited' discuss sixty key books that are, for Rexroth, "basic documents in the history of the imagination." (Back Cover). Rexroth bounces from "The Epic of Gilgamesh" to "Huckleberry Finn," from Stendhal to Confucius with consummate concision and coherence. As Rexroth himself states in his introduction: "...the greatest literature presents man wearing the two conventional masks; the grinning and the weeping faces that decorate theatre prosceniums. What is the face behind the mask? Just a human face--yours or mine. That is the irony of it all--the irony that distinguishes great literature--it is all so ordinary." From the collection of James Perrizo, former assistant to Edie Kerouac-Parker, first wife of Jack Kerouac. Book in very fine condition with only slightest shelf-wear. Very Fine. [Item #3058]

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