Gov't Inspected Meat and Other Fun Summer Things. Dotson Rader.
Gov't Inspected Meat and Other Fun Summer Things

Gov't Inspected Meat and Other Fun Summer Things

New York, NY: David McKay Company, Inc., 1971. Second Printing. Hardcover. "The book follows the odyssey of a young American, a stranger in his own land, who breaks the bonds of middle America in search of self, soul, and country. It depicts with all the sordid savagery of total honesty the depraved sexuality and senseless racism that permeate this country's new underground: the drugs, junkies, street gangs, black ghettos, homosexuals, transvestites, S&M queens, hustlers, gay bars, delinquents, and prostitutes that are the unheard outcries against sham, hypocrisy, false piety, and respectability in an age of war and social decay...Dotson Rader sees into the animating forces behind the restlessness of the young today, fed on dreams and weaned on disillusionment." Though it has been the product of some ridicule and at-times considered among his lesser works, Rader's "Gov't Inspect Meat and Other Fun Summer Things" has--like many works that have acquired such notoriety--spawned a sector of admirers and defenders intrigued by its qualities. In its own way, it is not unlike--in subject matter and somewhat in approach, Hubert Selby Jr.'s "Last Exit to Brooklyn," but in tone and "flavor" quite different. Often compared to Norman Mailer, Rader isn't interested in sparing anybody. Book in very fine condition with only slightest wear to fine-edges at spine top & bottom; signature of previous owner James Perrizo, onetime assistant to Edie-Kerouac Parker, Jack Kerouac's first wife, at black front facing endpaper in blue pen ink. Dust-jacket in very good condition with only one tear at top right-hand corner of back cover leaning into spine. Very Fine / very good. [Item #3062]

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