The June Monthly feature is a 20% OFF Sale for ITEMS BY OR FEATURING ALLEN GINSBERG OR MICHAEL McCLURE. To search the McClure holdings, take a look below at the titles in the "Featured Items" section. To view the vast, delectably-discounted Ginsberg holdings, search our "Allen Ginsberg" category (link below).

The anniversary of Allen's birthday is tomorrow (June 3rd) and if he was still with us, he would have turned 94. Luckily, he is still with us--for in his books lie his spirt. He would certainly have something to say about America during these trying times--and although we can't consult him traditionally, we can visit his books and do our best to transmute they have to teach into present America. 

"I learned....from thirty years of observing Allen Ginsberg to try to bring that spontaneity and elan into our activism...We cannot be stodgy, robotic claw-mouths out there chewing away at issues. We have to bring our vision of a new world, a better world--and our dancing shoes--into our social concerns." (Ed Sanders)

Best Beat Regards,
Third Mind Books