Monthly Feature:

August 2019:

We've got some birthdays to celebrate this month here at Third Mind Books, and decided to honor these mid-century combatants with a feature reflective of their historic involvement and accomplishments in the field of subversive American Literary innovation. Charles Bukowski, Ed Sanders & Allen De Loach are all August birthdays, although Ed is the only one still with us. Famously the author of “The Family,” the definitive and authoritative work on Charles Manson and the Manson Family Murders, it is especially fitting to feature Ed when considering the new Quentin Tarantino movie, Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood; a “revisionist reimagining” of history in that special way only Tarantino can.

Along with Sanders, De Loach and Bukowski, we’ve got titles from ALLEN GINSBERG, HENRY MILLER, Exemplary Selections from the MIMEOGRAPH REVOLUTION to further honor Sanders; JACK KEROUAC; RAY BREMSER; some very special BEAT SCENE CHAPBOOKS; ED DORN; some politically-themed work for all of you Thompsonian political junkies out there & more!

Enjoy these 30 items—specially discounted for the month of August only!