SEPTEMBER FEATUREBroadsides, Sleepers & Deep Cuts

In the September Feature, we've got items by the enigmatic & mysterious PETE WINSLOW; RAY BREMSER; IRA COHEN; ROBERT CREELEY; DIANE DI PRIMA; ED DORN [including the extremely rare first issue of Dorn's Mimeo Mag "Wild Dog"]; WILLIAM EVERSON; LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI; ANAIS NIN; CLIVE MATSON; ALLEN GINSBERG; HERBERT HUNCKE; LEROI JONES/AMIRI BARAKA; JACK KEROUAC & MORE. 

The items we picked this time around are things we feel are easy to look over or "miss," but at great detriment to the Beat Enthusiast or Scholar. These are the "Deep Cuts." You know Allen Ginsberg, but have you read Bremser's "Poems of Madness," which Allen wrote the introduction to? This is the theme of this month's special. Great things you might have missed, but really shouldn't! 

So, enjoy this month's special, "Broadsides, Sleepers & Deep Cuts" --featuring 30 items discounted at 10-35% off for the month of September ONLY!