The Last Words of Dutch Schultz. William S. Burroughs.

The Last Words of Dutch Schultz

ISBN: (sbn)67041950
New York, NY: The Viking Press, 1975. First Edition. Hard Cover. In his important early critical study of WSB, William Burroughs: The Algebra of Need, Eric Mottram writes that in this work, '....Dutch Schultz's mob', the federal government's power.... move in a continuous sphere of action within the monologue of the dying gangster, a deathbed 'last words' under police interrogation, transcribed by a police stenographer, which itself hallucinates a timeless present for the actual sequentiality of a lifetime.' (p. 242) He concludes that 'Burroughs writes out of his own understanding of the erosion of choice in the twentieth century. The differences between the provincial gangster world and the global action of politics and economics are negligible.' (p. 251) Subtitled 'A Fiction in the Form of a Film Script', it is written in a divided action/sound format with the insertion of many historic photos. This is a short but significant work of WSB's late-middle phase. The Last Words of Dutch Schultz was first published in Britain in a trade edition & a limited, signed and numbered edition of 100 in 1970 (see Maynard & Miles A17pp. 66-69), with a different text and minus the divided format and photos in the first U.S. edition offered here, published in 1975. This is a particularly beautiful near fine copy of a most desirable WSB collectible. "EXTERIOR. FRONT OF PALACE CHOP HOUSE. NIGHT. MEDIUM SHOT. This is a grey, ghostly scene. Death car draws up in front of the Palace Chop House. Workman, the Shrew, and Mendy Weiss get out. Workman looks up and down the street. A few anonymous grey pedestrians walking by. The three killers slide through the front door." Near Fine / near fine. [Item #1054]

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