William S. Burroughs: Break Through in Grey Room LP Recording. William S. Burroughs.

William S. Burroughs: Break Through in Grey Room LP Recording

Belgium: Sub Rosa, 2008. Limited Edition, First Edition Thus. LP. LP is sealed in shrinkwrap. William S. Burroughs' Break Through in Grey Room consists of mid-'60s cut-up tape machine recordings made by WSB in various locations in London, Paris & elsewhere. First released on LP in the early 1980s, released on CD in 1987, reissued in 2001, now released again on vinyl in a limited gatefold edition of only 800 copies. As James Grauerholz writes on the rear sleeve, "During the 1960s, Burroughs was in Europe and England. The Vietnam War, the cultural revolution, hippies and the acid gospel, the U.S. in tumult -- all these were dispatches to him. Living between Paris and London, his only excursions to America were in 1965, when he lived a year in New York at the Chelsea Hotel and 210 Centre Street, and revisited St. Louis and Palm Beach; and in 1968, when he covered the Democratic Convention in Chicago for Esquire in the company of Genet, Southern and Seaver. Burroughs had quit the States in 1953 exactly because he foresaw these police-state conditions." A classic collection of cut-up recordings in the voice of WSB with the collaboration & inspiration of Brion Gysin & Ian Sommerville, in a beautiful collector's edition, still sealed in shrinkwrap. As New. [Item #1082]

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