Letter Collection from Joy Walsh to Steven Moore. Joy Walsh, Steven Moore, Jack Kerouac.

Letter Collection from Joy Walsh to Steven Moore

Clarence Center, NY: 1985-1986. Letters and Postcard. Original Correspondence. A unique collection of original correspondence from Joy Walsh, editor of the Jack Kerouac newsletter Moody Street Irregulars, to writer/editor Steven Moore. Consisting, in chronological order, of: (1) a handwritten single-sheet unfolded letter dated June 16, 1985 concerning Moore's subscription to the newsletter & a P.S. reference to Alan Ansen; (2) an original order form for & copy of a review of Jack Kerouac: Statement in Brown, a collection of Kerouac essays by Walsh published that year, both unfolded single sheets; (3) a brief hand-written letter with instructions about a review to be written by Moore for MSI, hand-signed "Joy Walsh", folded in its original mailing envelope postmarked September 23, 1985, (4) a hand-typed single-sheet unfolded letter dated 7/24/85 also discussing his subscription & the possible future publication of a book, hand-signed "Joy"; (5) a hand-typed letter dated March 8, 1986 praising a review that Moore submitted & was published in MSI #16 & with suggestions for the obtainment of a photo for an Alan Ansen item that moore was trying to publish (ultimately The Vigilantes: A Fragment by Alan Ansen published by Water Row Press in 1987) which mention Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs & WSB critical biographer Jennie Skerl, hand-signed "Joy" & with the handwritten phrase "Tony Sampas might help", folded in its original mailing envelope postmarked March 18, 1986; & (6) a postcard from Walsh to Moore postmarked May 31, 1986 referring to Moore's "Ansen pkg" & issues of MSI on verso & featuring a photo of American Falls, Niagara Falls, NY on front. All items are in Very Fine condition, except for the following: Item (3) has small tear on top right corner of mailing envelope, small amount of paper torn from envelope attached to back opening flap & residual stickiness to flap; item (4) has two gouges at left bottom of letterhead effecting the word "Newsletter" but not any of the hand-typed text or signature & mild creases on lower left corner; item (5) is attached to the opening flap of mailing envelope & probably cannot be removed without some damage, letter can be unfolded & completely seen & read while attached; & item (6) is somewhat yellowed from age on verso with handwriting. A fine & fascinating look at the work & discussion behind the publication of Beat items by their writer/publishers. Fine. [Item #1586]

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