[Item #1601] National Lampoon, 21 Issue Collection. National Lampoon.

National Lampoon, 21 Issue Collection

New York, NY: National Lampoon Magazine, 1972 - 1982. First Edition. Here it is, a collection of 21 original, intact issues of National Lampoon, the legendary humor magazine that begat Saturday Night Live, a series of movies such as Animal House that have become woven into our popular culture, etc. The New York Times Book Review of December 5, 2010 has a very enthusiastic review of a new compilation of the original run of the magazine, DRUNK STONED BRILLIANT DEAD: The Writers and Artists Who Made the National Lampoon Insanely Great. You can own an assortment of these classics, spanning the years 1972-1982. Includes the following issues:

Vol.1, #24- March 1972 "Escape!"
Vol.1, #57- December 1974 ""The Joy of Sects"
Vol.1, #58- January 1975 "No Issue"
Vol.1, #59- February 1975 "Love and Romance"
Vol.1, #61- April 1975 "Car Sickness"
Vol.1, #64- July 1975 "X-Rated 3-D Entertainment" (3-D glasses included!)
Vol.1, #65- August 1975 "Justice"
Vol.1, #70- January 1976 "Secret Issue"
Vol.1, #72- March 1976 "In Like a Lion"
Vol.1, #77- July 1976 "Down Home"
Vol.1, #87- June 1977 ""I got my job through the..."
Vol.1, #100- July 1978 ""100th Anniversary Issue"
Vol.2, #1- August 1978 "Today's Teens"
Vol.2, #26- September 1980 ""The Past and How It Got There"
Vol.2, #27- October 1980 "Aggression"
Vol.2, #28- November 1980 "Happy Thanksgiving"
Vol.2, #31- February 1981 "Sin"
Vol.2, #38- September 1981 "Back to School"
Vol.2, #42- January 1982 "Sword and Sorcery"
Vol.2, #45- April 1982 ""Failures"

All of the above issues are complete, & in very good condition, with only age-related wear to covers & yellowing of contents, along with tears along staples on a few copies. Everything & everyone in their contemporary popular, political & countercultural mileu are irreverently parodied with brilliance & ribaldry in these original artifacts. The advertisements for LP records, stereo equipment, leisure suit-era clothing, swinging bachelor accouterments, etc. are now as hysterical with age as the lampooning content.
Very good condition. [Item #1601]

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