Pulp Magazine Collection

New York, NY: Warren Publishing Co., 1968-70. First Edition. Staplebound. Here is a collection of original pulp horror magazines from 1968-70 that will take those (like your devoted curator) of a certain age back to their monster movie-obsessed childhoods, & whose contents are now republished in fancy hardcover compilations to freak out a new generation of aficionados. Creepy, Eerie & “mostly” Famous Monsters of Filmland, three names that conjure the late lamented era of the local horror movie host (in my case the immortal Sir Graves Ghastly). But while sometimes parodied & consigned as camp today, the articles &, especially, artwork in these issues have a deep & disturbing impact on the reader/viewer that has stood the test of time. Here they are, if you dare....

*Creepy, #21, July 1968- "58 Illustrated Pages of Weird Tales!....Spine Tingling Tales of Fright and Terror!" Featuring "The Rats in the Wall", adopted from a story by H.P. Lovecraft, & six other graphic stories illustrated by Steve Ditko & other legendary artists, along with great ads for 8 mm film cameras, back issues, etc. This original issue is in Fair/Good condition, with extensive closed tears at staples, creases, soiling, & some chipping to edges of covers & yellowing of pulp-quality interior, but completely intact- & unforgettable!

*Eerie, #20, March 1969- featuring the intensely, well, eerie graphic adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Fall of the House of Usher," written & illustrated by Tom Sutton, along with six other blood-curdling graphic stories & wonderful ads for LP records, 8 mm films, back issues, etc. This original issue is in Very Good/Near Fine condition, with moderate creases, closed tears at staples & wear to covers, & yellowing of pulp-quality interior, but complete & generally crisp.

*Famous Monsters of Filmland, #55, May 1969- with cover feature of Irwin Allen's newly broadcast TV series, Land of the Giants, a lengthy digest of Victor Hugo's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" with many photos from the classic silent Lon Chaney film adaptation, & many other photos & articles featuring Dracula, Frankenstein & other Famous Monsters, including makeup-dept. rarities. A vintage issue of the late, legendary Forrest J. Ackerman's beloved series, still being published! This copy is in Good/Very Good condition, with closed tears at staples, creasing & wear to covers, & yellowing to pulp-quality interior, but complete, in generally great shape & with those wonderful ads.

*Famous Monsters of Filmland, #56, July 1969- Never mind the moon landing, this is the Boris Karloff memorial issue! The great horror actor had just passed away, & is memorialized in this important issue, with many terrific, rare photos & reminiscences by Christopher Lee, Robert Bloch (author of "Psycho"), Lon Chaney, Jr., Vincent Price, Peter Lorre's widow, & many others. This most rare & collectible original "2 in 1" issue is in good/very good condition, complete & intact with closed tears at staples, one closed tear at top edge, minor creases & wear to covers, & yellowing of pulp-quality interior.

*Famous Monsters of Filmland, #59, Nov. 1969- with cover feature "All About Barnabas Collins!" The central vampire character played by Jonathan Frid in the cult classic '60s TV series "Dark Shadows," much later remade, here celebrated in its heyday. Also a comic strip story illustrated by Tom Sutton (see Eerie above) & chock-full o' Famous Monsters & those incredible ads. This monstrous original issue is in good/very good condition, with closed tears at staples, minor chipping at edges, minor creasing & wear to covers, usual yellowing to pulp-quality interior, but complete & in mostly very good shape.

*Famous Monsters of Filmland, #62, Feb. 1970- with cover feature on the classic 1932 version of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde starring Fredric March, a reprint of a 1960 article by Robert Bloch, "The Clown at Midnight," photos & groovy ads galore! In mostly near-fine condition, with a vertical closed tear at middle of top edge through logo, closed tears & creases at stapled edge, & Bela Lugosi's face cut out of photo on pgs.. 19-20 (I vaguely recall using it on a childhood collage for a school project). Typical yellowing to interior & covers.

*Famous Monsters of Filmland #68, Aug. 1970- with fascinating cover feature on early film versions of Jules Vernes' Mysterious Island, article on The Phantom of the Opera with many photos of the classic Lon Chaney Sr. film version, another on the shlocky camp-cult Queen of Outer Space starring Zsa Zsa Gabor, & much, much more! This original issue is in especially fine condition, with no tears, cut-outs, only very minor wear to covers, small creases at stapled edge, yellowing of interior.

*Famous Monsters of Filmland, #80, Oct. 1970- with cover feature on Beneath the Planet of the Apes, the first sequel to the classic film, the concluding second article on Lon Chaney Sr.'s London after Midnight, a 2-page "Girls and Ghouls Gallery" spread that looks to me like Sophia Loren being menaced by Uncle Creepy, photo stills of many classic filmland monsters, etc. This original issue is also in particularly fine condition, except for a small picture of Lon Chaney cut out from pages 3-4 (another/the same school project?), small creases at stapled edge, yellowing of interior.

A great sampling of original issues from the golden era of pulp horror magazines that catered to macabre-minded kids like your honorable Curator (did this somehow lead to the Beats?....), now compiled into serious hardcover art volumes 40 years later. Guaranteed to give you shivering flashbacks, & freshly infiltrate your offspring.

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