La macchina morbida. William S. Burroughs.

La macchina morbida

ISBN: 8845917908
Milan, Italy: Adelphi Edizione, 2003. William S. Burroughs, 2003. First Italian Edition Thus. Softcover. This Italian translation of The Soft Machine is the first edition issued by this publisher, & is therefore a first edition thus. First published by Olympia Press in Paris in 1961, TSM is another high cut-up production in the wake of Naked Lunch, influenced by Brion Gysin's observation that "writing is fifty years behind painting" in terms of implementing the collage technique of painting onto writing. Many subsequent editions, including the first U.S. edition in 1966, followed, with differently cut-up texts enriching the challenge & collectibility of this & other of WSB's cut-up works. As with the Italian translation of The Ticket that Exploded, the translator, in this case Catia Bagnoli, may have used any/all of the various versions, & those readers with enough command of Italian & English may discern yet another creation here in the spirit of WSB. Featuring an illustration by Jean -Michel Basquiat on front cover In As New condition, obtained by your itinerant Curator at the labyrinthine Libreria M.T. Cicerone beneath the bustling streets of central Roma. As new. [Item #1611]

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