[Item #2667] The Western Lands. William S. Burroughs.
The Western Lands

The Western Lands

ISBN: 0670813524
New York, NY: Viking Penguin Inc., 1987. First Edition. Hardcover. "The Western Lands," published in 1987, is the final volume of William S. Burroughs second trilogy (the "Cities of the Red Night" trilogy) and was preceded by the book that bore that title in 1981 and 1984's "The Place of Dead Roads." In the introductory acknowledgments, Burroughs thanks Norman Mailer & his "Ancient Evenings" volume for "inspiration," 3 others for assistance with "source material," an additional 3 people "who worked on editing & processing the manuscript," Brion Gysin is thanked for his enduring inspiration as well, and Burroughs closes with an expression of gratitude to James Grauerholz, head of Burroughs Communications, for his unending assistance & editorial work. This blurb is representative of just how many individuals were closely involved in the assembly of a Burroughs publication. This practice was common throughout the course of Burroughs' life. Burroughs mined mountains of ongoing research on Egyptian mythology & coupled his findings with his subversive, surrealist intellectuality to craft yet another original masterpiece. Book in very fine condition with only short, thin horizontal smudge to text block; similar vertical one to right; otherwise substantially mint inside and out. Very Fine. [Item #2667]

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