[Item #2668] Interzone. William S. Burroughs.


ISBN: 0670813478
New York, NY: Viking Penguin Inc., 1989. First Edition. Hardcover. Beginning this essential compendium of fragmentary treasures subsequently assembled is an illuminating, informative essay by James Grauerholz, paramount authority on the life & work of William S. Burroughs. Grauerholz relates the events & circumstances surrounding the creation of the work; delineating with unrivaled accuracy the origin of the source material that became "Interzone" & its rescue from the Tangier "word horde" that became "Naked Lunch." Book in very fine condition with only two very minute, perfectly vertical lines running through dust jacket nearest spine-edge, only visible when viewed under light. The same phenomena appears on the back of dust jacket, again nearest spine-edge, and certainly as issued. Otherwise substantially mint inside & out. Very Fine / Very fine. [Item #2668]

Price: $40.00

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