Drawn & Quartered. Robert Creeley.

Drawn & Quartered

ISBN: 1887123458
New York, NY: Granary Books, 2001. First Trade Softcover Edition. Softcover. "It was John Yau who had introduced us some years ago in New York. Archie [Rand]'s humor, quickness, and lack of pretension much attracted me, but the chance to work with him was curiously hard to come by...Then Archie sent me a cluster of xeroxes of drawings he'd been doing and suggested I might do some text or texts to go with them...I knew Archie had brought with him the litho sheets with the fifty-four drawings. I had tried a few brief quatrains to see how that form might work in context with the xeroxed images he'd sent me earlier. But when we went into a back room at the museum, and Archie took out the lithosheets and asked if I might try to do a text for each image there and then, I was intimidated...Still I said I'd try, and so we set out. The procedure was for Archie to slide me an image on the litho paper. I'd try a take or two to get the feel...then resolve on a particular quatrian...and on to the next. So we worked through the afternoon until, finally, all fifty-four poems were finished...The rest you can judge for yourself." (Robert Creeley, back flap). In this exceptional collaboration from Robert Creeley, a poet whose myriad notable collaborations have even sufficed to have an entire book dedicated solely to them, Creeley lends his signature emotive intimations and haiku-like replication of visual phenomena to Archie Rand's distinguished and skillful sketching. The result is a praiseworthy book of time-tested mastery, an integrally important contribution to the then-elder poet's expansive catalog. Book in very fine condition with only slight rubbing to front, back covers; minute shelf-wear to rightmost fine-edge of front cover at center-middle. Very Fine. [Item #2792]

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