Ports of Entry: William S. Burroughs and the Arts. William S. Burroughs.
Ports of Entry: William S. Burroughs and the Arts

Ports of Entry: William S. Burroughs and the Arts

New York, NY: Thames and Hudson, 1996. First Edition / Association Copy. Softcover. Previously Owned by Author Claude Pelieu, Respected Contemporary of William S. Burroughs & Father In-Law of Iconic Literary Outlaw Charles Plymell. Inscribed at length & signed by Charles Plymell. "I don't think I had ever seen painting until I saw the painting of Brion Gysin. Here is a transcript of a tape we recorded while talking in front of some of his pictures during the time we both lived in the old Beat Hotel at 9 rue Git-le-Coeur in Paris back in 1960, when I discovered I could really get into these paintings. Brion Gysin: How do you get into these paintings? / William Burroughs: Usually I get in by a port of entry, as I call it. It is often a face through whose eyes the picture opens into a landscape and I go literally right through that eye into that landscape. Sometimes it is rather like an archway…Any number of little details or a special spot of color makes the port of entry and then the entire picture will suddenly become a three-dimensional frieze in a plaster or jade or some other precious material. This picture in front of me is in four sections. The remarkable thing is the way in which the sections, when hung a few inches apart, seem literally to pull together..." (Prague Writers' Festival, William S. Burroughs & Brion Gysin Interview, Paris 1960). Widely known & well-documented, the influence of Brion Gysin on the development of William S. Burroughs' thought is hard to underestimate. Burroughs' cosmopolitan creative mind saw in Gysin a truly visionary thinker & artist, one whose ideas, sentiments, and creations he found to have great similarity & resonance to his own. Burroughs, out of the selfsame respect for Gysin enumerated in the quote above, did not begin working in the visual arts in earnest until after Brion's death in 1986. Although Burroughs himself would only live for 11 years after Gysin's death, his late forays into the visual arts amassed not only a serious inquiry into his potential as a visual artist but in total represent an impressive & powerful catalogue. Text about Burroughs' involvement with the visual arts accompanies high-quality reproductions of many Burroughs artworks and the works of other artists he in some way contributed to or inspired. According to Charles Plymell's lengthy inscription in dark blue ink on the half-title page, this copy was previously owned by Claude Pelieu, the author, collage artist, and friend of WSB who was published by Ed Sanders' Fuck You Press among other legendary outlets. Charles Plymell's ownership inscription on the half-title page is scattered in its ascription of quoted commentary, but reads: "Beautiful art, Bill! / "Yeah, I know ("W.B.:" inserted here by Plymell, ostensibly to ascribe the newly begun quotation to the correct speaker, in this case WSB himself) this is real art, / Charley," C.P. "I know that, Bill" / somewhere over the Kansas / dining table / This was Claude's copy. Bill gave us / a painting that was like the orange one opp. pg. / I remember sitting with Bill at his table in Lawrence, and he ran his hand over / the cover in admiration and remarked / on the art in it (his own) and what / a beautiful catalogue it was and how / the price of production and sales was so / low. I asked him if I could have / that copy (his personal copy) and he looked sad and said it was his personal / copy. He knew I was kidding, but I think I saw him saddened at his / own generosity. I had a copy at one time but not when writing, so I / never got one signed. / Charles Plymell." From the collection of Charles Plymell, poet, printer, & co-founder of Cherry Valley Editions, publishers of many celebrated Beat-&-Beyond authors. In fine condition with only minor rubbing, shelf-wear, slight scattered nicks & scuffs to front, back covers; minute bump at bottom right-hand corner of front cover; minor bump & bump-crease at bottom left-hand corner of same; bump-crease at bottom right-hand corner of back cover; slight bumps at leftmost fine-edge of same just below top left-hand corner; similar bump at top left-hand corner. Fine. [Item #2883]

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