[Item #2950] Beat Scene No. 85 (Winter 2017). Charles Bukowski, William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Hettie Jones, Lenore Kandel, Jack Kerouac, Joanne Kyger, John Wieners.

Beat Scene No. 85 (Winter 2017)

Coventry, England: Beat Scene Press, 2017. First Printing. Stapled Wrappers. Beat Scene No. 85 begins with an incredibly fascinating article from the one and only Jed Birmingham on William S. Burroughs and John Wieners "Measure" magazine, of which Burroughs nearly was a part of under his cardinal pseudonym "William Lee." An unsuspecting Wieners had not read Burroughs first work, "Junkie," published under William Lee, so turned down the inclusion of his contribution--although Wieners' letters to Olson show he found it viscerally fascinating. The issue marches on with a wonderful interview of Joanne Kyger, another unsuspecting poet probably Olsonized by her time in Bolinas with Robert Creeley and others during the early 1970s. Following that is a late interview from Allen Ginsberg; an evasive interview from Hettie Jones, co-publisher of "Yugen" with Leroi Jones in the 1960s; a feature on David Meltzer; an interview and feature on Lenore Kandel, the little-appreciated author of "The Love Book," and a sad but crucially informative feature on Jack Kerouac's time in Italy with Fernanda Pivano that resulted in his infamous Italian TV interview, and more. As New. [Item #2950]

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