A Night in Zurich. Ira Cohen, Jurgen Ploog, Florian Vetsch.

A Night in Zurich

ISBN: 9783944564395
Mainz, Germany: gONZoverlag, 2018. First Edition. Softcover. A fascinating production relating to Ira Cohen (1935 - 2011), the legendary Beat-&-Beyond poet, publisher, photographer & filmmaker. Jurgen Ploog, the great German literary figure who collaborated extensively with William S. Burroughs & continues to employ the cut-up method in his many publications, met with Cohen along with writer Florian Vetsch in Zurich, Switzerland during September 2000 while Cohen was featured at events. With many high-quality reproductions of manuscript poems & writings with printed text on opposite pages, all in English; an introductory essay by Vetsch & epilogue essay by Ploog, both in German text; many reproductions of photographs from this time & place of Cohen with Ploog, Vetsch, artist H.R. Giger & others; etc. Obtained by this writer directly from Ploog himself in Vienna at the just-held European Beat Studies Network conference, which we attended as colleagues. A beautifully crafted new addition to the Cohen & Ploog oeuvre, of great interest to collectors & destined for scarcity. As New. As new. [Item #3079]

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