[Item #3100] A Bibliography on America for Ed Dorn. Charles Olson, Ed Dorn.

A Bibliography on America for Ed Dorn

San Francisco, CA: Four Seasons Foundation / City Lights Books, 1964. Third Printing. Stapled Wrappers. Now here's some quintessential Olson--stylistic, admonishing, alluring yet borderline incomprehensible. This writer would argue that one has to consider Olson's letters--along with his famed, sprawling talk-a-thons--within the context of his amphetamine use. While I am aware that this is something footnoted and known about Olson--that his amphetamine use sometimes shaped his lectures and talks--I don't think enough has been said about this in relation to his writing (generally) or correspondence--including a few pieces of it (such as this) that were chosen for publication. Let's consider Olson's outpourings in relation to Jack Kerouac's benzedrine levee breaks, his sentence-climbing-over-sentence letters--some of which entail professing, discussing, or alluding to amphetamine use. The velocity of the language is similarly charged, yet unsurprisingly flavored by each writer's deeply developed voice and self-styled personal mythologies. It is the opinion of this writer that Olson's "bibliograpahy" was composed in such a manner, despite having immense value to at least Olson's understanding of America, which was far more of a removed, historical understanding which operated by its own precepts. This is in contrast to Kerouac and Co.'s "contemporary" understanding, whose viscreal immediacy did not require a centuries-in-the-making understanding of America. From the collection of Ken & Ann Mikolowski; founders of Detroit's visionary "Alternative Press," close friends and publishers of many Beat/"New York"/Black Mountain-affiliated authors. Book in very fine condition with only slight shelf-wear to fine-edges. Very Fine. [Item #3100]

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