An Informal History of the Pulp Magazine. Ron Goulart.

An Informal History of the Pulp Magazine

New York, NY: Ace Books, 1973. First Softcover Edition. Softcover. "Spanning the years between the dime novels of the 19th century and today's paperbacks, pulp magazines provided millions with their first and only taste of "literature." The noble, resourceful heroes of those gripping tales of fiction, along with their monstrous, evil antagonists, were depicted on cheap paper, and housed in lurid covers that shocked all but the near-blind. There was THE SHADOW, scourge of the underworld, DOC SAVAGE, superhuman adventurer, and THE PHANTOM DETECTIVE, sleuth extraordinaire, as well as the breathtaking exploits of World War I sky fighters, mad scientists, TARZAN and a host of now-immortal writers." (from back cover) A delightful, informally informative survey of the pulp era, by the prolific popular historian Ron Goulart, concentrating on the period of 1920-1940, when authors such as W. T. Ballard, Max Brand & Lester Dent cranked out their "Amazing! Thrilling! Astonishing!" adventures in myriad magazines with their famously lurid covers. Includes a special section with black-&-white reproductions of exemplary covers & illustrations from the pulps. This is the first softcover edition, first printing of September 1973 as stated on copyright page, published by Ace Books (ring a bell, Burroughsians?). Preceded the previous year by a hardcover edition published by Arlington House with the title "Cheap Thrills: The Amazing! Thrilling! Astonishing! History of Pulp Fiction." Interestingly, it is the Arlington edition that apparently continued to be printed as a softcover through at least the early 21st century, so that this is a rare intermediate first edition thus. An enjoyable collectible, in exceptionally very fine condition for an Ace item of not much better quality than the subjects it celebrates, with only slight rubbing, scratching & a few short, faint creases to front, back covers & spine; minor wear & tiny bumps at edges & corners of same. Interior very fine with only light browning at blank margins of appropriately pulp-quality page leaves; small bump-creases at upper corners of a few of same. Very Fine. [Item #3191]

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