AARGH! (Artists Against Rampant Government Homophobia). Kathy Acker, Joyce Brabner, Robert Crumb, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Harvey Pekar, Art Spiegelman.

AARGH! (Artists Against Rampant Government Homophobia)

ISBN: 095137260Z
Northampton, England: Mad Love (Publishing) Ltd., 1988. First Printing. Stapled Wrappers. "Our lives are not fashion statements. Taking action is not a fad. Our work is that of vision and persistence. We will use every skill we have, and share what we know. At first we do this simply because we were asked. We know how to organize, to write or draw pictures. As we work, we remember why. We shake the dust from comfortably stored ideals: "The personal is political." This is to stand by our friends. "We must create and control our own media." WE know how. And we have been underestimated." (from afterword by Joyce Brabner, pg. 72) During 1988, an amendment was added to a Local Government Act in Britain, known as Clause 28, which outlawed the "promotion of homosexuality." In reaction, a group of artists & few writers led by Alan Moore gathered to produce this one-off comic book anthology to fight homophobia at a time when the AIDS crisis was at its peak. Among the contributors to this activist anthology are avant-garde, William S. Burroughs-influenced author Kathy Acker; iconic countercultural comix master Robert Crumb; Neil Gaiman, Harvey Pekar of "American Splendor" fame, Art Spiegelman, author & illustrator of the Pulitzer Prize-winning holocaust comic epic Maus; & many more including Moore himself, who wrote the first entry, "The Mirror of Love," illustrated by others. This is the first & only edition, first printing of October 1988 as indicated on copyright page (inner front cover). The infamous Clause 28 was finally repealed during 2003. An important literary-artistic rarity, & a cautionary historic relic- the gains & ultimate acceptance of LGBT people today (at least in most parts of the world) did not come easily & should not be taken for granted. We have designated this large-format comic production to be in near-fine condition mostly because of front cover, which is moderately-to-significantly rubbed & faded with some loss of surface, although the image is quite legible. Also with mild wear & small bumps, creases at edges & corners of same, & at stapled spine. Very light rubbing & wear at side edge of interior block. Back cover in nearly pristine condition with only a few tiny spots near left edge; small bump at lower left corner; very light rubbing of surface with no effect on illustration. Interior very fine with only tiny bumps at corners of some page leaves. Near Fine. [Item #3194]

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