Beat Literature: Kerouac, Corso, Ginsberg, Burroughs and Others. Gregor Roy.

Beat Literature: Kerouac, Corso, Ginsberg, Burroughs and Others

New York, NY: Thor Publications, Inc., 1966. First Edition. Stapled Wrappers. Monarch Notes and Study Guides. "What is really meant by being beat? Does it simply mean lounging around marijuana-smoke-filled "pads" dressed in blue jeans, listening to progressive jazz records, deliberately breaking the legal code, and occasionally heightening the monotony of all this by indulging in an occasional sex orgy? Despite these popular images, being beat has a more significant meaning than that. It could perhaps be described as a state of mind and a spiritual attitude, whereby the process of baring the mind and spirit to the vital externals of existence is achieved by eradicating anything that might come in the way of such rapport." (from author's Introduction, pgs. 5-6) A vintage production from "...The Most Comprehensive Series of Study Guides Ever Published-" (back cover): Monarch Notes and Study Guides. Authored by Monarch workhorse Gregor Roy, this 1966 guide to the background, figures & literature of the Beat Generation, then still an Establishment-shocking phenomenon about to be overwhelmed by the later 1960s counterculture, is actually rather informative & somewhat refreshing in its immediacy, too early for 20-20 hindsight or canonization. This writer gets a kick out of how, even then in a "square"-oriented study guide, William S. Burroughs is given a special place above-&-beyond the Beats but essential to them: "It has been claimed, however, that the only nihilist is William Burroughs who, although not always included in the Beat group, has exercised a considerable influence on the works of Kerouac and Ginsberg." (pg. 5) Softcover in stapled wrappers, presumed first edition/ first printing as there are no references otherwise in copyright page. A fascinating relic & a genuinely useful study guide- & remember, kids: "THIS GUIDE IS INTENDED TO SUPPLEMENT AND ENHANCE, AND IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR, THE ORIGINAL WORK OF ART." In relatively good & complete condition for such an old, cheaply produced item: Moderate rubbing, scratching & short creasing to front, back covers & esp. stapled spine; mild wear & tiny chips, bumps at edges & corners of same; browning & occasional mild staining to edges of text block. Interior in mostly fine condition except for significant browning of pulp-quality pages; small bumps at corners of some page leaves; bumps & very short, closed chips at side edges of a few of same; two central page-leaf sections separated from staples but otherwise completely intact, middle section consists of four pages of list-advertisements for the whole series of Monarch guides as of 1966. Good. [Item #3252]

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