[Item #3675] JFK Assassination Newspaper Collection. John F. Kennedy.

JFK Assassination Newspaper Collection

Ann Arbor, MI; Detroit, MI; Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Toronto, Ontario, Canada: The Ann Arbor News; The Detroit Free Press; The Montreal Star; The Gazette (Montreal); The Telegram (Toronto), 1963. First Printings. Loose Folded Sheets. The sudden murder of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917-1963) on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas was an event that tore through history, profoundly changing it forever thereafter. It is this writer's first full, traumatic memory from age five. Here are five original newspaper editions that marked the killing of JFK right after it occurred, in approximate order of publication: (1) The Ann Arbor News Extra, Friday, November 22, 1963. With front page headline "PRESIDENT IS SLAIN: Kennedy Felled By Assassin In Dallas Street." Issued just hours after the event, the story is so fresh that a short article at bottom of front page is titled "Kennedy Hails Plans For Launch" as if the President was still alive. (2) The Montreal Star Final Edition, Friday, November 22, 1963. With front page headline "Kennedy Assassinated: Governor of Texas Also Shot." (3) The Detroit Free Press Metro Final Extra, Saturday, November 23, 1963. With headline "KENNEDY MURDERED; JOHNSON PRESIDENT: Sniper shoots JFK, Wounds Texas Gov." Issued the day after the event, this is the first in the collection to mention & include a photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald, & "Pro-Castro Suspect Held" is printed above the headline. (4) The Gazette, Montreal, Final Edition, Saturday, November 23, 1963. With headline "Kennedy Assassinated/ Johnson New President." (5) Weekend Telegram: Special Section on the President's Death, Toronto, Saturday, November 23, 1963. With headline "Arrest Of Marxist Brings New Crisis: WORLD WEEPS." Articles on lower front page include "Charge Red As Assassin" & "Jackie Kissed Dead Lips." A second segment of this issue includes "SHOWCASE: A Weekly Report on the Lively Arts" with editorial & notice of cancellations, inside of which is a "Women's Fourth Section" featuring John & Jacqueline Kennedy. In each of these issues are many of the images that have been burned into the American & world collective consciousness: The Kennedys & Connallys in the open limousine a moment before the shots were fired, secret servicemen jumping onto the trunk of the limousine, Jacqueline in her bloody dress, Johnson being sworn in as President inside a cramped Air Force One cabin with bloodied Jacqueline next to him, etc. Grim relics from the very time the world was first informed of an event that still deeply haunts & disturbs- has JFK's assassination ever been really resolved? Perusing these papers conveys the shock of JFK's murder hastily imposed upon the daily banalities & minutia of another normal day of record. All newspapers (or in some cases possibly only sections of them, but all with front sections & apparently all Kennedy-related content) in relatively quite near-fine condition with inevitable browning & attendant mild odor; brittle edges with short, closed tears on most sheets; occasional, mostly small closed tears at surfaces. Near Fine. [Item #3675]

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