Apollo 11 Moon Voyage Newspaper Collection. Edwin Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins.

Apollo 11 Moon Voyage Newspaper Collection

Ann Arbor, MI; New York, NY; Cleveland, OH; Columbus, OH; Johnstown, PA: Ann Arbor News; New York Daily News; New York Times; Johnstown Tribune-Democrat; Cleveland Plain Dealer; Columbus Sunday Dispatch, 1969. First Printings. Loose Folded Sheets. "MAN Lands on the MOON," reads the bold headline over a photograph of the planet that takes up the entire front page of the final Daily News: New York's Picture Newspaper edition of July 21, 1969- the day following Neil Armstrong's "...one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind..." that remains as one of the ultimate feats in all history. Here are sixteen original newspapers (eight complete issues, eight front sections) that record the monumental Apollo 11 moon voyage of American astronauts Armstrong, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin & Neil Collins in real time, dated from July 16-24, 1969: (1) The Ann Arbor News, July 16, 1969 (front section only) with headline "Historic Voyage begins: Spacemen Head For (image of moon)." (2) The Ann Arbor News, July 17, 1969 (front section only) with headline "Apollo 11 Alters Moon Approach." (3) The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, July 17, 1969 (complete issue) with headline "APOLLO 11 ON PERFECT PATH." (4) The Ann Arbor News, Friday, July 18, 1969 (front section only) with main headline "Nixon Asks Free Birth Curb Aid" & "Apollo Course Exact" side-headline. (5) The Plain Dealer, July 18, 1969 (complete issue including stapled local TV guide) with headline "ASTRONAUTS FIT; EYE EARLY 'WALK' ." (6) The Ann Arbor News, July 19, 1969 (complete issue) with headline "Lunar Orbit Is OK; Schedule Moved Up." (7) The Plain Dealer, July 19, 1969 (complete issue) with headline "APOLLO ENTERS MOON'S GRAVITY" below "Namath Bows to Rozelle, Sells." (8) The Ann Arbor News, July 20, 1969 (front section only) with headlines "Moon Landing Ship Checks OK" & "Woman With Kennedy Dies In Car Plunge" (Edward Kennedy's notorious Chappaquiddick incident famously coincided with & was somewhat subsumed, so to speak, by the moon landing coverage). (9) Columbus Sunday Dispatch, July 20, 1969 (complete issue) with headline "APOLLO 11 ROCKETS INTO ORBIT OF MOON" & lower front page headline "Kennedy Survives Crash; Blonde Companion Drowns." Singularly, this issue has previous owner's signature above masthead. (10) The New York Times, July 20, 1969 (front & fourth sections only) with headline "ASTRONAUTS SWING INTO MOON ORBIT IN PREPARATION FOR TODAY'S LANDING" & much smaller upper-front page headline "Woman Passenger Killed, Kennedy Unhurt in Crash." (11) The Ann Arbor News, July 21, 1969 (front section only) with headline "MOONMEN BLAST OFF: 'Eagle' In Orbit; Rendezvous Due." (12) The Plain Dealer, July 21, 1969 (complete issue) with headline "Armstrong Is on Moon: Landing Spurs New Lunar Age." (13) (New York) Daily News, July 21, 1969 final edition (complete issue) with moon-related headline noted above on front-front page (this newspaper was formatted with two front pages forming front & back covers, back-front page with sports-related headline). (14) The (Johnstown) Tribune-Democrat, July 21, 1969 (complete issue) with headline " 'IN PEACE FOR ALL MANKIND': TWO WALK ON NEW FRONTIER." (15) The Ann Arbor News, July 22, 1969 (front section only) with secondary upper front page headline "Apollo's Moonmen Head For Home" (the top, bold headline is "City Income Tax Gains First OK: More Council Voting, Referendum Needed," life went on...). (16) The Ann Arbor News, July 24, 1969 (front section only) with headline "Splash! Astronauts Return: World Watches Scrubdown; Trio Cheered Aboard Ship." Relive this stirring milestone in real time with articles & images as it unfolded to the moon & back to earth, along with the myriad occurences & transactions of America & the world during this exciting historic period. All newspapers or front sections per above in good-to-near-fine condition with inevitable browning of pulp-quality paper stock; wear, creasing, closed tears & minor chipping at all edges & corners. Extra postage will be required to safely ship this heavy, bulky bundle. Good- Near Fine. [Item #3737]

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