IT: The International Times No. 31 (May 17-30, 1968). Peter Stansill, Keith Aeson-Monk, Mick Jagger, Barry Miles.

IT: The International Times No. 31 (May 17-30, 1968)

London, England: Lovebooks Ltd., 1968. First Printing. Loose Folded Sheets. This vintage number of the legendary British underground newspaper edited (if that's what they mean by "Words" on the roster) by Peter Stansill is entitled "Sounds" & features an interview with the great Rolling Stones' frontman Mick Jagger conducted by Barry Miles, the prolific journalist, author & editor who would go on to write (or co-write) & publish several key bibliographies & biographies of William S. Burroughs. The interview begins on the front cover, & extends through inner front cover, inner back cover & back cover. Also in this issue are many other musical articles & reviews covering festivals & recordings by The Byrds, The Grateful Dead & many other iconic bands & musicians at the zenith of 1960s psychedelic counterculture. Loose folded sheets folded once horizontally & vertically. From the collection of Brian Schottlaender, author of "Anything But Routine," the most complete & up-to-date WSB bibliography now in its fourth ever-expanding online edition. We always consult our good friend Brian's ABR for all our WSB-related rarities. This issue having been presented to us as including an appearance by WSB, we turned to ABR as well as Maynard-Miles & Shoaf, but could find no reference to this issue. Searching the issue, we found no article directly by or about WSB, but: There is a title reference to "Inter/ Zone A" in regard to "Notting Hill/ Tribal Music/ & Movements on front cover; & an article about this entitled "Tribal Stirrings" by Keith Aeson-Monk on the penultimate page leaf (unpaginated), again with an encircled "Inter/ Zone A," concerning a hippie communal movement of some kind at several locations throughout England. The term is of course quintessentially Burroughsian (the original title of Naked Lunch was Interzone, referring to the international status of Tangier when WSB first lived there), so perhaps that is what Brian is referring to as an "appearance" by WSB. Of course, with Miles & Mick (who would meet WSB in the NYC Bunker during the 1970s), WSB is not far behind at least in spirit. Perhaps, Brian, you could please enlighten us on something we've missed- & perhaps include this in the next edition of ABR. In any case, this is an exemplary relic of the late 1960s British-&-Beyond underground cultural & musical scene; a delightful collectible in relatively fine condition considering the notorious fragility of these productions: Mild-to-moderate browning of all typically pulp-quality page leaves incl. covers; very light wear & just a few mostly short, closed tears at edges & corners of same; price hand-written in blue ink near upper right corner of front cover; vertical fold miscalibrated so that right edge columns of left-side pages, left-edge columns of right-side pages are cut short (but all text can be read by completely unfolding full leaves). Fine. [Item #4634]

Price: $50.00