[Item #5166] Original Concert Poster: Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band; Oxford Circle ("Red Bull," June 17-18, 1966). Captain Beefheart& his Magic Band, Oxford Circle, Bill Ham, Stanley Mouse.

Original Concert Poster: Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band; Oxford Circle ("Red Bull," June 17-18, 1966)

San Francisco, CA: Family Dog Productions, 1966. First Edition, Second Printing. Single Sheet. A poster (appx. 14&1/4" x 20&1/2") announcing a concert with performances headlined by Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band, along with the Oxford Circle, during June 17-18, 1966 at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco. The acclaimed American artist Stanley Mouse (b. Stanley George Miller, 1940) created the artwork & graphics reproduced here, & "Mouse! (logo)" in facsimile hand-lettering & illustration is found just below & very slightly overlapping lower right black-line curvy border (see image). Also credited (for his light work) "in color & black & white" is Bill Ham, among the foremost pioneers of the psychedelic light shows so exemplary of these early "acid rock" happenings, & who is still active as of this writing. According to the Talmudic scholarship we have studied regarding this poster (which is similar in its depth to that of our underground comix from this period), this copy is a second printing, with "(c) Family Dog Productions, 1725 Washington Street, San Francisco" & "No. 13-2" fine-printed near edge at lower margin, below larger-print quote & ticket outlet information. King, FD-13-RP-2, pg. 55. King has entitled this poster "Red Bull" based on its image & colors although these words are not found on the poster, & writes: "The central image is the head of a bull labeled "Choice." This is the first poster in the series by Stanley Mouse. This poster dates from before (Mouse) began collaborating with (Alton) Kelley (1940-2008) to form Mouse Studios! and is the work of Mouse alone. It is one of many examples of attempts to match the images with the names of the acts performing at the concerts, in this case Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band. There were substantial printing problems with the original printing of this poster, and many copies exist on which the red is smeared and extends outside the black border, into the lettering or into the bull in the image." We note that this second printing does not have the printing flaws noted by King above regarding the first printing (again, see image). Another important relic of the early psychedelic era that would come into full bloom the next year during the "Summer of Love," in its penultimately rarest (& neatest) contemporary form. From the collection of Dion Wright (b. 1937), a most respected & prolific artiste & sculptor who was at the center of the scene that produced this & the many other iconic posters that symbolize a fabled time & place. (see Wright's memoir, Tempus Fugitive, Item No. 5008) In our alert & experienced estimation, this poster is in relatively very fine condition with mild rubbing, browning & faint creasing mostly to blank white margins/edges (image quite bright & substantially pristine); a bit of wear & some tiny bumps, creases at edges & corners. Very Fine. [Item #5166]

Price: $125.00