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Third Mind Books is a brick-and-mortar bookstore & event venue located in Downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, specializing in first editions and rare books of the Beat Generation and other notable movements.

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First Editions

A FIRST EDITION is a copy of a text that is in its original form.  The most sought after copies of most books are First Edition, First Printing meaning it was part of the very first batch ever printed. Selling all of the First Printing would lead to the possibility of a Second Printing of the First Edition. If something is added or removed from the text, such as a foreword or a bonus chapter, it would become the Second Edition. 

Collecting First Editions is not just for avid readers or intellectual types. Anyone can express themselves on their shelves with their choice to represent an author, title, or genre while also investing in a tangible piece of history that will only continue to grow in value. 

Learn how to interpret the details of a copyright page and how that translates to rarity and value. 

Condition Grading

As New - Immaculate condition with pristine pages and no discernable flaws

Very Fine - Approaching "as new" condition; possible evidence of being read, shelved, or otherwise handled

Fine - No defects to covers, pages, or jacket; some shelf-wear and ownership is evident.

Near Fine - No defects to covers, pages, or jacket; some wear to edges, spine, or jacket

Very Good - No tears or large defects; small signs of wear to binding, covers, or pages

Good - Average wear to covers, jacket, and pages; all pages present and binding in tact 

Near Good - Shows advanced wear to covers, jacket, and pages; all pages present and binding in tact 

Fair - Rather worn but in tact and complete; slight damage possible to binding, covers, or pages

Near Fair - Worn and aged but very little damage; all pages present 

Poor - Sufficiently worn with possible tears, soiling, or other damage; may be missing pages



All the items on our website are carefully curated by our team, and the descriptions provide contextual analysis, a synopsis of the contents, as well as an evaluation of the physical condition. Read carefully to find out just how special it is.