Bimonthly Feature:


THE THIRD MIND BOOKS OCTOBER-NOVEMBER SPECIAL is titled “Broadsides, Bulwarks & Beleaguerment,” and features a stunning array of one-of-a-kind broadside-posters along with an alluring assortment of politically-tinged materials reflecting on the activism inherent in the Beat aesthetic. Among the authors featured are IRA COHEN, BILL BERKSON, JOE BRAINARD, JACK KEROUAC, JACK SPICER, NEAL CASSADY, LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI, GARY SNYDER, JACK HIRSCHMAN, ED SANDERS, DIANE DI PRIMA, JEAN GENET, ROBERT CREELEY, MICHAEL McCLURE, SEYMOUR KRIM, ABBIE HOFFMAN & more! 

All 10-25% off for the months of October & November only!